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MATTEI® pioneered the development of the Rotary Vane Compressor in 1958, and continues to deliver uncommon reliability to the toughest applications around the planet. Mattei Vane Technology is so durable; we invite you to “Get Your Last Air Compressor First.” So extraordinary; our “bearingless” airends routinely exceed 100,000 hours of operation without a rebuild and are backed by a 10 Year Airend Warranty. Energy savings so unconventional: low kW/100 scfm efficiencies, and less lubricant volume reduces dependence on energy and protects the environment. Continuous patent development is evidence of our commitment to improve your bottom line. No Vane. No Gain.

9635 Liberty Road, Suite E
Randallstown MD 21133

Telephone: 410-521-7020

Fax: 410-521-7024

General Email: info@matteicomp.com

Member Link (URL): www.matteicomp.com

Product Lines:
Rotary vane air compressors, Rotary vane gas compressors, Multiple compressor controllers, Energy Management Systems, Data loggers, Compressor lubricants, Refrigerated air dryers, Desiccant dryers, Coalescing filters, Zero air-loss drains, Moisture Separators, Oil/Water Separators, Air receiver tanks, Genuine Mattei Parts, Genuine Mattei Lubricants.

Brand Names:
ERC Series, Stacked System, AC Series, MAXIMA Series, OPTIMA Series, MAESTRO XS, MULTI-COMP, CONCERTO, M.I.E.M, MicroC, MicroMat, ROTOROIL, MFD Series, MCD Series, MMD Series, MPD Series, MHD Series, MBD Series, MCF Series, MFF Series, MME Series, MZD Series, MCS Series

Jay Hedges - General Manager
E-mail Address: jhedges@matteicomp.com
Telephone: 410-521-7020

Bill Kennedy - Sales & Products Manager
E-mail Address: bkennedy@matteicomp.com
Telephone: 410-521-7020

Marty Ward - Plant Manager
E-mail Address: jward@matteicomp.com
Telephone: 410-521-7020