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Founded in 1966, Pneumatech is a world leader in compressed air system engineering, offering a large range of air drying equipment while providing unparalleled custom-design capabilities and first-class customer service around the world. Pneumatech specializes in refrigerated dryers, regenerative dryers, landfill and biogas dryers, drains, after-coolers, filters, water chillers, nitrogen generators and closed loop coolers. To learn more about Pneumatech and our products, or to speak to the distributor nearest you, please visit www.pneumatech.com.

1800 Overview Drive
Rock Hill, SC 29730

Telephone: 262-658-4300

Fax: 262-858-1945

General Email: julie.garcia@pneumatech.com

Member Link (URL): www.pneumatech.com

Product Lines:
Refrigerated Air and Gas Dryers, Regenerative Air Dryers, Nitrogen Generators, Air Flow Controllers, Compressed Air/Gas Filters, PNEU-FIT™ Replacement Filter Elements, Water Chillers, Condensate Management, Oil Water Separators, Closed Loop Liquid Coolers, Aftercoolers

Brand Names:
Pneumatech and ConservAIR

Ellen Steck - President
E-mail Address: ellen.steck@pneumatech.com
Telephone: 808-817-7099

Joe Fresch - Vice President
E-mail Address: jfresch@pneumatech.com
Telephone: 414-397-7222