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Stanley Black and Decker

Stanley Engineered Fastening

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Stanley Engineered Fastening, a Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. company, delivers integrated fastening system solutions to manufacturing globally. Stanley Engineered Fastening industrial grade threaded fastening solutions have multiple tool types and geometries to tackle assembly challenges from 0.5 to 2000 Nm in pistol, angle, inline and offset configurations. Our precision electric tools, combined with the PSI series of transducer controlled pneumatic pulse and impact tools, the new AA series of clutch control pneumatic nutrunners, and our world class Engineered Assembly Systems group, gives Stanley Engineered Fastening the tools and expertise to solve any of your threaded fastening assembly challenges.

5335 Avion Park Drive
Cleveland, OH 44143

Telephone: 440-461-5500

Fax: 440-461-2710

General Email: SATInfo@sbdinc.com

Member Link (URL): StanleyAssembly.com

Product Lines:
QPM, PSI, Engineered Assembly Systems

Brand Names:

Duane Bookshar - Chief Engineer
E-mail Address: Duane.Bookshar@sbdinc.com
Telephone: 440-229-9641

Greg Korn - Senior Product Manager
E-mail Address: Gregory.Korn@sbdinc.com
Telephone: 586-557-4316

Jim Steverding - Service Manager
E-mail Address: James.Steverding@sbdinc.com
Telephone: 440-796-4549