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To maintain your CAGI Compressed Air System Specialist Certification, you are required to recertify every three years. This helps ensure that certificants stay current with evolving technologies, approaches, and concepts. To qualify for recertification, you must provide CAGI with proof that you have completed activities equivalent to 40 recertification units, from 2 or more of the categories below, over the 3-year term of certification.

  • Item (question) Writing: Submit items (questions) that are accepted for use on the CCASS exam. 4 units for each accepted item. Use the CAGI Item Submission Form.
  • Employment in the Industry (manufacturer, distributor, consultant): 8 units per full year of full time employment
  • Publish Relevant Articles, Research Papers, or White Papers in Trade Journals or Scholarly Compilations (not company newsletters or magazines): 4 units per paper
  • Training Sessions (Conducted or attended, external and open to the public only, must have a certificate of completion or similar document, if attended): 8 units per 8 hour session. 1 unit per hour.
  • Present on Compressed Air System Design, Operation, Efficiency, etc.: 4 units per presentation delivered
  • Industry-related Education (provide documentation of completion): 4 units per credit hour
  • Relevant E-Learning Program: 4 units per program completion

We will attempt to remind you about your recertification date; however, it is your responsibility to apply for recertification and to provide evidence to support recertification before expiration of your certification.

The cost of recertification is $200.00. To recertify, download the CCASS Recertification Application Form.